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The life we know is slowly returning. We can cautiously meet our friends again, enjoy some art and music outside. Nevertheless, many things are still emotionally demanding, requiring change and not easy. This is why now, more than ever, we need friendship to move forward, to enjoy, to believe, to continue with positivity.

We sat down with MoonBee to discuss her view on friendship and how these ideas influenced her latest single “Invincible”. The groovy and playful song that merges rocking organic beats with ethereal synths and ear-catching tunes came out in June. Read more about the story behind it.

Your single “Invincible” is about friendship, a big topic. Is there a special story that made you write this song?

“Invincible” came to me after a long year of heavy thoughts and impostor syndrome, where my previous single “Tiger” was born. Having felt like a total fraud, an impostor in the music field for so long, I finally started to re-surface. After dealing with this in various ways and lights, I started to fill up my soul again. “Invincible” is an anthem for people who make me feel loved and capable. In many ways, it’s dedicated to the friendships I have with my band, The Astronauts, and my producer Anders Boll. The way they accept me and my music makes me feel like I have a purpose in this universe. It makes it so much easier for me to write music when my visions are not stopped by my own contempt but instead lifted up by the belief from my band.

What makes a friendship special to you?

Good friendships come in so many shapes and sizes. Some have to be nurtured weekly, and with some you can go half years between talking and it will still feel natural. However, something about depth for me is very important. I need to feel that it’s a two-way street where both sides add something to the unity, sharing both what is difficult and uplifting in life. Good friends make me spark and feel like I want to be the best version of myself in their presence. At the same time, I’ll know that there is enough room and love to have bad days or even bad years.

Have you felt a change in your friendships since you started making music? 

I found out that the musician community is incredibly strong and filled with love and admiration. The friendships I have there are very different because we share a big passion. Often, it’s said that music is a hard industry and environment to live and grow in, however, it’s rarely other musicians that make me feel incapable. It stems from this “invented competition” the labels and industry want to paint. But the truth is, having a job and a hobby that you get to share is extremely fruitful for friendships. So yes, I’ve felt a change in friendships and dynamics. Even with musicians I don’t play with it’s easy to find deep relations, merely because we share that dream of creating.

2020 has been special for all of us, with new feelings and a bigger need for friendship. What what is it like for you?

I realised that friendships are necessary for me to function, grow and find inspiration. During the epidemic, I’ve had some amazingly deep conversations on some long walks with friends. I hadn’t had much time for that before. We got to contemplate on what makes a good life and good friendships. Creating memories with loved ones is definitely the most important part of my life, and then comes music. I’ve missed playing and creating music with my bandmates so much. It’ll be good to get back together soon!

In three words, what gives you a feeling of being invincible?

Feeling loved, accepted and understood. With all of my flaws and beauties. These emotions create a deeper kind of trust and the sensation of being okay. It makes me believe that I can overcome and gain so much more from life with my friends than without. With this in mind, I wrote  “Invincible” to thank my awesome band. They repeatedly remind me how amazing it is to share life with good creatures who make me feel safe and happy.

Looking into the future, what are you up to? When can we see you live again?

One of our postponed concerts will happen on 7. August in my parents’ garden in West Jutland. I also have the privilege to support my amazing friend and talented artist GRETA on 4. September at Radar Aarhus when she releases her album. We were going to release our EP “Come Move In Another Dimension” in September. However, because we didn’t know if we’d be able to play concerts, we decided to move it to January 2021. So, now we hope that coronavirus is gone by then, and we can make a smashing release with strings, visuals and scenography.

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