MoonBee a.k.a. Gry Colding’s “Expanding Infinity” is one of the most interesting debut albums of 2023. In the beginning of the New Year, it lost none of its thrill from its release in October 2023.

MoonBee have created a musical universe that is well thought through. The visuals match the melodies, the melodies synchronise with lyrics in a wonderful way. MoonBee are a magical guide, leading us through their musical world with grace. At the same time, MoonBee’s magical fairytale land is so human. So relatable.

“Expanding Infinity” contains 10 songs that talk about the journey of finding yourself and being brave to show your authentic self to the world. You’ll find refreshing, honest lyrics on this record. The tough emotions, difficult conversations and harsh truths are wrapped around light, effortlessly catchy melodies. MoonBee put a lot of syths on the album, a lot of multi-layered, upbeat compositions that fill the listener up with energy.

MoonBee show that the journey to discover the real you is challenging and not easy. However, if you surround yourself with good people and most of all, if you believe in yourself, you can go very, very far.

MoonBee appeals to the courage inside you

The album sends a message that you have the courage inside you, it’s just a matter of realizing that. You are ready to take the first step to find yourself. It sounds like a cliché, but MoonBee distill an universal truth from this banality. They translate it into the language of honesty. MoonBee definitely did find the courage to find themselves. You can hear that they are truly free and liberated from the shackles of conventions. The music floats in the air light as a fairy dust around them.

My personal highlight of the album is the single “Summit Up”, calling for courage to be yourself. I feel MoonBee are the best cheerleader, when singing: ” The voices tell me “you take up too much space” \ Wept on the floor for days \ But now it’s enough \ Know the climb will be tough \ Might fall down but I don’t wanna stop”. The words, connected with an extremely encouraging and catchy melody stayed with me for long. “Summit Up” became my personal anthem for tough times. Whenever I feel I am stopping myself, or  the imposter syndrome is getting to me, I sing it inside and get the courage to go on and stay true to myself.

“Expanding Infinity” is powerful artistry

The centre, the essence of “Expanding Infinity” is powerful artistry. A self-aware human. MoonBee own their storytelling, their creative process, and the final effect. You can hear every single part of the record is made exactly the way they wanted it to be. It is not always the case with artists these days. They can’t always pursue their vision 100%. It’s a great acomplishment, that MoonBee were couragous enough to follow through with their vision.

Dive into “Expanding Infinity” with an open mind. Let it take you beyond fear, insecurities and into the land of self-awareness and freedom.

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