The world is moving, even when it feels like time stands still. But what about our dreams? How can we make them stay? How can we keep daring — to think about something good, daring to hope, and daring to wish?

There is one remedy that certainly helps. A bit of playfulness manages to bring your thoughts back to good times, memories and warm feelings. Can this feeling be captured in one song? Yes, it can, because that is what MoonBee did when she shared her latest single “Suburban Dreams”.  In the typical astro-pop mode of MoonBee, the groovy song fuses rocking organic beats with ethereal synths, modular ‘blip-blop’ and catchy melodies.  Try and listen, see if it catches you on the first tune.

Besides its seducing rhythm, the track delights us with a homage to childhood dreams. It calls out to preserve our inner child, so that we don’t disappear between everyday practicalities, work routines, and false expectations for adulthood. What could be more important during a time that so often forces us to be serious, rational and adult?

Inspired by childhood memories, MoonBee also takes us on a journey to her most beloved music. “Suburban Dreams” was created through a fusion of songs that have inspired her over the years. It can be seen as a kind of tribute to the iconic music that has shaped MoonBee’s personality and artistry. With this special background, the song is a “patchwork of elements” that interest its author.

[It is] a carefully selected collage defined by my taste, artists I admire and songs I can relate to. It has just been passed through my filter, and then woven together into something new that now has its very own identity,” MoonBee shared with us.

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