Since a couple of years, December does not always mean snow, frost and ice. More and more often it means wind, rain, darkness and cold, but not ice-cold weather. The album “Deep Snow” from Simon Lynge somehow fits perfectly into both those sceneries and makes both of them more bearable. 

The compositions on “Deep Snow” create a feeling of watching on things from the inside of the warm home when the outside is covered in snow or hidden under a thin layer of fog. It gives the listener comfort, as well as a feeling of slight detachment from the outside world. That’s where the melancholic mood kicks in, in a good way. 

Songs like “Twentynine Years” or “Paper Thin” create a similar feeling to watching snow (or rain) falling down on a winter night, when “Tiny Ironing Board” or “Maggie” (which is a personal favourite of mine) bring the smell of mulled wine and winter games to mind. Which is a lengthy way of saying that “Deep Snow” album has touches of melancholy, joy and hope all blended into one in a cosy way. As you can see, we’re already in the winter/Christmas mood, so everything creates connections to that, but “Deep Snow” also fits the thoughtful time on any kind of weather and season. 

Also, there is something comforting in Simon Lynge’s vocals. It melts into one with the gentle, slightly cosy-lazy sounding guitar. While listening to “Deep Snow”, it feels sort of like watching a movie where Simon Lynge is the narrator. His voice is present and you can hear it, but at the same time, what he sings comes out to the first plan. He makes room with his voice for the music and the stories he shares in the songs to really shine. 

The “Deep Snow” album is a really lovely release, especially for long winter evenings, when you can turn it on and dig into it to discover the tiny bits and pieces shining in the songs here and there, little twists which can be heard after a few listens only. And Simon Lynge’s vocals and lyrics are a wonderful companion in this game of going through the “Deep Snow” over and over again… 

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