In 2014 after releasing their debut (and smashing!) single “Ruok”, FAE has taken us on almost 10-minutes long psycho-electronic journey. We had to wait four years to re-live the same feeling on ourselves skin’. Yes! They did it again! They make something unusual and probably the biggest challenge will be to… forget about their new song “You Turn Up” (in collaboration with DíSA) in the future. It drills into your head as the sharpest screwdriver and doesn’t let go – you’ve been warned. 

“We try to convey the feeling of travelling to somewhere new. We have had many great moments when travelling with music. The songs start with a foresty oriental atmosphere (feet in moss and the smell incense) and move into a more urban and industrial mood (feet on summer hot asphalt in the evening). First, we wanted to make the listener feel submerged in a foreign old world, and then end up in Madrid at 4 am during the Pride. DÍSA is featuring in the middle of the song. Here she sings in a foreign language of her own invention. So, the song is us really thinking of all the great times we’ve had! This time around, we really wanted to make an album, even though we know no one really does that anymore. And we have spent a lot of time with this travelling feeling – mixing all the songs together etc.” – says FAE about the new song and album making.

The new single “You Turn Up” extends the journey started by “Ruok” for the next 8 minutes to reach the 2nd station of FAE’s world. Turn up the volume! The refreshing road is running on mountainous and winding terrain likewise. You can easily distinguish their style, which we used to hear before and we loved so much. Therefore, the song pairs uptempo harsh synths with tenderly performed vocal parts. These parts in a very wise way convert bothering techno-like music into a completely new dimension. There is only a handful of artists crafting such unexpected, electronic gems like FAE does.

Although they give us another dose of exciting and mind-blowing electronic music, appetite grows with eating. We cannot wait to see more collaborations and re-works (like “Psycho Killer” cover of Talking Heads) made by FAE. 

In the meantime, we dive into “You Turn Up” and make the “Repeat 1” button sweat of work. 

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