There was once a Danish band called Battlekat. That’s history now. The present gives us a new project of the two members from Battlekat, Jeppe Madsen and Matilde Böcher. It’s called FAE and we believe that there lies a grand future ahead for it!

Last week FAE came up on the horizon with their first official release – a single called “RUOK”.

Our first track is a 10 min long “chillwave meets 90’s rave” tribute to music and creation (FAE)

The song reminded me about 3 things, I forgot I like about music so much:
1. I like long songs when they are so great that even after like 10 minutes you don’t have enough of them – and that’s how “RUOK” is.
2. When the beat sucks you into the inside of the song, making you feel like you got admitted to the very core of the heart and soul of the musician – it’s the best! And again – “RUOK” is like that.
3. God, I love music with electronic vibe (yes, you’re guessing right – “RUOK” has that vibe indeed)!

The debut song from FAE is full of noisy electronic sounds combined with chilling vibes. The cherry on top of it all are Matilde’s electrifying vocals.

Dive into FAE’s first single, get soaked with its atmosphere and take as much as you can from it, while waiting for more from the duo. We hope that the “more” will come very soon!

Stream “RUOK” on SoundCloud and buy the single via iTunes.

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