Alex Vargas proved with his EP “Giving Up The Ghost” that he can compete with the best from R’n’B/pop genres with a hint of electronic. He also showed that – to be honest – the genres don’t really matter anymore. It’s simply good music that matters. In his new single “Higher Love” Vargas shows it once again.

I am a fan of good “anthems”. Songs which can grow big – through the lyrics, the melody or – like in case of the new Alex Vargas single – through the arrangement. “Higher Love” has the specific – huge – sound, but it’s not cheesy. It’s not yet another big sounding love ballad. It has potential and here and there shows the special “Danishness” – the thoughtful melancholy coming out from certain beats or phrases of lyrics. All in all, Alex Vargas created a perfect Autumn anthem for slightly sad, sort of heartbroken, kind of lost people.

It has been raining quite often where I live lately. Sitting at the window, observing the raindrops’ waterfalls with “Higher Love” coming from the speakers… maybe sharing a tear or two… when times are not as easy and nice as we whished for – that’s a memory I will have that will be always connected to Alex Vargas new single. The calm, thoughtful, yet very melancholic time.

If you feel a little bit more sad, a little bit more wondering, a little bit more in the mood to slow down – “Higher Love” is a perfect song for you.

Listen to it on Spotify.

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