Turboweekend - Tivoli 05-08-2016

Fresh air with a very light breeze from the seaside close by. The yummy smell of freshly baked cinnamon buns. And the charming scenery of Tivoli in Copenhagen. This sounds already quite perfect to you? So it does to me. But if this perfect set for a summer evening teams up with an energetic show of Turboweekend, the evening turns into a really, really perfect evening. And this is what happened on Friday, 5. August 2016 at Tivoli’s famous Fredagsrock – the traditional series of Friday evening concerts at the world famous amusement park in Copenhagen which takes place every summer.

After the first part of the evening and a concert of the Danish-English singer Mikael Simpson, Turboweekend opened the show with “Disco to Disco” – one of the more pop-based tracks of their current album “Share my Thunder”. Only one day after their celebrated show at Smukfest in Skanderborg they didn’t appear less powerful than at the festival and soon their energetic vibe jumped over to the crowd and the audience was on fire. With well-known Turboweekend classics like “After Hours” or “Neverending” they made the audience dance right from the start.

The show moved on with classics and the typical Turboweekend vibe. But then another highlight was waiting for the audience as an unexpected guest appeared on stage: Oh Land, who just had her own show at Tivoli some weeks ago, came on stage to perform their common song “Slow”. So far we have heard the song only virtually, so it was an extra-pleasure to see Silas and Nanna perform it live and enjoy the big “family get-together” of the two artists.

Close to midnight the show ended with “On My Side” and another night of Danish music pleasure was over. Thinking about the fact that it was almost exactly five years ago when a Turboweekend show in Stockholm’s Debaser club made me fall in love with the Danish music scene, this night was almost a magical moment… So let’s hope there will be many more to come… and who knows, maybe we will see Turboweekend soon again with some new songs – let’s stay curious!

Video by Jesper Bauer Jørgensen

Photos by Simone Mitterer

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