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If the LPs of  Turboweekend could be seen as chapters of a boy’s life, “Night Shift” would be the time of riot, “Ghost Of A Chance” the period of asking questions and discovering one’s identity, “Fault Lines” the phase of going away for a great adventure and the newest one – “Share My Thunder” – would be the moment of coming home.

And home is more than just a place. That’s why “Share My Thunder” is more than just another album from the Copenhagen-based quartet. The eleven new songs bring us an intriguing musical line, thoughful lyrics and the bittersweet atmosphere of coziness, melancholia, nostalgy.

There is something in each of the songs, that touches you to the very bottom of your soul, in a smooth and unpretential way. You can dive into this album: into the helplesness of “Asking For More”, the sadness on a dancefloor in “Disco to disco”, the faith and hope in “Miles And Miles”, the strength coming from “Better Than I Am”, the explosion of feelings, emotions and energy in the closing title track “Share My Thunder” (my personal highlight of the album). Every song tells a story here and together they create a beautiful whole, which feels familiar, yet new – like home after being away for a while.

If you follow Turboweekend’s career from the beginning, on “Share My Thunder” you can really hear how the music (and the band itself) evolved.

I could write A LOT of things about each song from this record. But I’ll just say one thing: hats down to Turboweekend for making another album that is not only worth listening to, but also worth coming back to as often as possible. In one of the songs we can hear the words “You really don’t want to wake up with a dreamer like me”. When it comes to me, I can wake up next to these four dreamers’ music every morning ’til the end of days.

Listen to “Share My Thuner” on Spotify, YouTube, buy the digital version on iTunes and the physical version on

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