AV AV AV - They Live EP

AV AV AV is the new Danish super trio of DJs and producers. When people like UNKWON, ELOQ and DJ E.D.D.E.H. join forces, you know the effect of their work will be something special. AV AV AV’s debut EP “They Live” definitely is.

In the interview before their show at Sónar Copenhagen, AV AV AV told us that they make music “that is based on having a good time, locked away in cabins far away from everything.”

There’s something to it. The whole AV AV AV adventure experience starts like a good movie – with “Leia’s Theme”, in which we can hear various inspirations and influences. AV AV AV takes us on a trip to space with their music, we definitely can forget about the outside world and everything that bothers us.

Among the 5 tracks of the EP you can find 2 singles: “Baileys” and “All Good”. Both songs have gentleness and playfulness in them, each presenting it in a different way. “All Good” is a joyful tune, perfect to celebrate the spring sun. The delicate vocals coming out from under the beats will make you smile and want to enjoy life. In “Baileys” AV AV AV play with the beats and with the listener. The composition is a bit like a soundtrack to play hide-and-seek to.

From this joyful part we go to “Olympus Mons” and change the mood a little bit to a more steady, intriguing one. The closing song – “Manhunt Space” – is like a gentle goodnight kiss, after a playful day. Or maybe not goodnight yet, not before teasing and playing with us as well… in bed… (Guys out there, a little hint: this is a very sexy song ;)…)

AV AV AV mix a great amount of different styles, influences and different tempers, as each member of the collective is different himself. Their EP “They Live” is a result of great co-operation and proves that this match of the three DJs and producers is a perfect one! We hope this is just a beginning for AV AV AV.

Listen to the EP “They Live” on Spotify:

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