AV AV AV - Baileys

If you prefer getting drunk with music rather than getting drunk with alcohol (or you like both, from time to time), we have a super strong drink with spatial electronic beats, piercing sound effects and a lot of chilling vibes! Listen to the collective AV AV AV‘s new single “Baileys” and let yourself lose your head for a few minutes. Or hours… or weeks… depending how long you’ll repeat the great new composition of the Danish trio consisting of ELOQ, UNKWON & DJ E.D.D.E.H.

“Baileys” makes your muscles relax. The whole body gets the impulse to let go and enjoy – kind of like when you have a first sip of your favorite drink. The imitation of strings at the beginning creates a somewhat sublime atmosphere though. You know this musical cocktail is not like a simple beer, drunk in front of the TV after a long, hard day. It’s something better. The composition “Baileys” is like… well, in the world of alcohol it actually could be equivalent to Baileys. Sweet, delicate, yet with wildness in its taste. As AV AV AV’s new single is.

There is something mesmerizing in the music made by a generation of young Danish DJs and producers – like the three mentioned above, who create the AV AV AV collective, or CHLLNGR, or POSTKRT, or Sekuoia. You can actually hear the wide space where they create a web of fragile, perfectly fitting sounds. AV AV AV’s new composition is a great example of that. The song is somehow “geometric”: when you hear the specific effects, you can almost see the laser lights painting symmetric lines and shapes in the air (almost like in Kenton Slash Demon’s video to “Deamon”).

Listen to “Baileys” on SoundCloud and give AV AV AV your Like on Facebook.

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