ACOUSTIC AUTUMN contests: The winners


During this year’s autumn Good because Danish is giving away a bunch of wonderful Danish acoustic/folk CDs to you in exchange for YOUR favorite works of art for autumn! Here you can see and check if you’re one of the lucky winners:

Acoustic Autumn Contest #1: Select Captain
Lívia from Hungary for this autumn photograph, taken at Regent’s Park in London
“I took this photo last October when I was walking in Regent’s Park. This was the first time I walked in a park in London. I spent there two hours and was amazed by the beauty of the park. I chose this picture as it really gives back the ambience of that day.

Acoustic Autumn Contest #2: Southern Gothic Tales
Justin from Australia for his favourite autumn movie “500 Days of Summer”
“My favourite autumn movie, is “500 Days of Summer”, a lot of it is based upon the twisted way the director takes the love story making it a crushing tale much like when the leaves start turning brown after summer.”

Acoustic Autumn Contest #3: white ocean
Joanna from Poland for her favourite autumn painting “Autumn Effect at Argenteuil” by Claude Monet
“My favourite painting for autumn is this one painted by Claude Monet – “Autumn Effect at Argenteuil”. I love the kind of autumn pictured on this piece of art, the gold, red, yellow and brown colours. Also impressionism is my favorite trend of painting.”

Acoustic Autumn Contest #4: Where did Nora go
Anna from Germany for her favourite autumn poem “Herbsttag” (“Autumn Day”) by Rainer Maria Rilke

Acoustic Autumn Contest #5: Stefan Mørk
Patrycja from Poland for her favorite autumn book “The Land of Laughs” by Jonathan Carroll
“My favorite autumn book (and in general, a book I like to come back to) is the fantasy novel “The Land of Laughs” by Jonathan Carroll. It has a weird plot, the surrealism and mystery fits the foggy, gray autumn days perfectly. Because some of the days in October or November especially are a bit like that – surreal in their rawness.”

Congratulations everyone! Hope you enjoy your prizes as much as we enjoyed giving them out! :)