It’s time to start our “Acoustic Autumn” contests on Good because Danish! This year we want to get to know YOUR favorite works of art for autumn. In exchange for the most inspiring answers, we will be giving away wonderful Danish acoustic/folk CDs to you.

To begin with, we are wondering: what is your favorite and most beloved photograph of autumn? The special photo you like to look at during this time of the year? One that reminds you of beautiful autumn times?

We will give away one copy of Select Captain‘s album “The Fear and The Lights” to the lucky winner, who will charm us the most with her/his choice!

To take part in today’s contest, send a mail with the subject “Acoustic Autumn Contest #1” and your favorite autumn photograph with a short explanation until Friday, 7. November 2014 to

One of our favorite photos for autumn time is the one from our graphic above, taken by our dear Australian author and photographer Nick McKinlay. So peaceful and so sunny, it reminds us that autumn is not only about rain and wind… To give you a little more inspiration, we also asked Kristian from Select Captain about his special autumn photo:

“The picture is of some place in Gribskov, the great woods of Northern Sealand. I was born in Copenhagen, but I grew up in a small village on the periphery of Gribskov. I used to spend a massive amount of my time as a kid in this forest. Running around, playing, finding odd stuff. Alone and with great friends. An easy and carefree life. To this day, Gribskov is to me the most soothing and calm place I can think of. I love to visit my parents, and just walk around in the forest alone and take in the sights, sounds and smells of this vast place. It’s difficult to describe but there is no place like that. The picture I’ve chosen kinda shows what I see in my head when I think about Gribskov in the autumn.”


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