The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Bring Us Together

The charismatic and energetic multi-instrumental band – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – is ready with the 3rd longplay “Bring Us Together” (which will be released 15. September 2014) and offers a first glimpse at it with the title track “Bring Us Together”.

While listening to this new song I got reminded of the famous Tina Turner and the song “Proud Mary”. You know of which one I’m thinking of? The one which starts with the talking: “Y’ know, every now and then I think you might like to hear something from us nice and easy. But there’s just one thing. You see we never ever do nothing nice and easy. We always do it nice and rough. So we’re gonna take the beginning of this song and do it easy. Then we’re gonna do the finish rough. This is the way we do Proud Mary”.

“Bring Us Together” is kind of like the beginning of “Proud Mary”. It’s nice and easy. But I don’t think that the whole upcoming The Asteroids Galaxy Tour album will be like that. They are too energetic and wild to keep it that way.

In the new song you can feel the vibe of summer. The lazy piano tunes mixed with really delicate vocals of Mette Lindberg give your ears a pleasant massage. “Bring Us Together” is a perfect entrance tune into the world of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. Let’s wait and see what more will they show us on the new album. But be careful and don’t let them fool you with the new song. I bet they have some fireworks hidden in their pockets ;)

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour will play A LOT of concerts during this summer. You can find their shows on the European summer festivals in our post HERE and get to know all the details about them on the band’s website too.

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