esbensvanepostAlways travel, never arrive – true to what is not only the name of his debut EP but probably also personal life maxim, Danish singer-songwriter and producer Esben Svane keeps on travelling through a musical world where he is constantly recreating himself and trying to discover an own position and artistic personality.

So far, this progress led after years as drummer in several Danish indie-bands to a “break-out” as solo artist and just recently the gathering of a supporting live-band which followed many international shows played with not much more than the own voice and a guitar.

The single “1973 (Den Tid Vi Går Og Venter)” that was put out on Monday, 26. May, marks yet another twist on Esben Svane’s ongoing journey since it is the first song he released in his mother tongue Danish.

“1973 (Den Tid Vi Går Og Venter)” is just like the earlier English releases, characterized by lyrical depth, honesty and a personal background. Originially written for and dedicated to his father, the song uses a multi-layered point of view to unfold not only the singer’s actual, own perceptions but also potential thoughts his father’s young self could have had in 1973, the title giving year when he met his future wife – Esben’s mother. This newly created whole describes the emotional struggle on the edge to adulthood in a circle of decisions, love/trust and life’s direction – and addresses thereby a process similar to the artistic one Esben Svane finds himself in.

An exciting and surprising process and a journey worth following. With “1973 (Den Tid Vi Går Og Venter)” on repeat we are looking forward to Esben Svane’s debut album which is set to be released later in 2014.

Stream the song on Spotify or watch the accompanying, beautifully nostalgia driven music video here:

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