KILL J – Quasi

Kill J - Quasi EP

Remember the name – Kill J. Because she will go far. Mark those words – she WILL go FAR. You will be able to tell for yourself after listening to Kill J’s debut EP “Quasi”, released on 11. March 2016 via record label No3.

Good because Danish has been following Kill J ever since her very first single “Phoenix”, and observes with delight how the music and Kill J as an artistic persona develops. From fragile, delicate beginnings, a turn on into pop inspirations, to a powerful, emancipated, unapologetic, charismatic artist who is ready to show her real “voice” to the people, without losing her fragileness and femininity on the way. Kill J went a long way that lead to the EP “Quasi”. Accompanying her in the musical journey was a pleasure! And we have no doubts it will be a pleasure in the future as well!

But let’s focus on the present and “Quasi” now. The six tracks on the EP give you a musical picture of Kill J – a powerful female music persona, who is also delicate and has insecurities. Contradictions make Kill J and give her music the uniqueness and ability to combine the tenderness of her voice with the confidence of her message.

Give yourself a treat and check out the EP “Quasi” on Spotify. You’ll end up waiting for more from Kill J, to get to know her better.