FILIPPA and her new single “Just One Night” made me realise how much we need good, sophisticated pop tunes in our lives. When produced as well as “Just One Night”, they truly let us get lost in the music. We’re extremely happy to premiere this song for you today on Good because Danish!

After first listening to FILIPPA’s new song, I spent about an hour wrecking my brain over one thing. “Just One Night” starts with a very cool beat and intro. The song’s structure reminded me of this one old tune from the 2000s, by this one British girl-band. Namely, it was “In The Middle” by Sugababes, which used a sample from DJ Moguai’s “U Know Y“.  Why am I boring you with this digression? It shows two things; First of all,  FILIPPA’s quest for inspiration triggers connotations and references in the listener’s head that were thought to be long forgotten. Second, “Just One Night” takes the best out of the pop genre and mixes it with FILIPPA’s sophisticated personal style.

Behind the moniker FILIPPA we find the 25-year-old Filippa de Neergaard from Copenhagen. She has been making music since she was a little girl, and you can hear it in her songs. This artist took her time and did homework on establishing her goals and individual style. FILIPPA caught my attention already in June when she released the “Loverboy” single, accompanied by a classy live video. In “Loverboy” the accent was put on FILIPPA’s striking vocals. The new single “Just One Night” shows what a versatile artist she is, also able to create smashing pop melodies.

The first five seconds of “Just One Night” gave me chills, and I stayed electrified by the unexpected meld of pulsating sound elements. The quiver FILIPPA manages to keep up throughout the song is pure gold, it is magnetic. I can’t stress enough how strongly I am captivated by “Just One Night”. It paints a perfect musical reflection of getting lost on the dancefloor when it is just music and you. “Just one night and I’ll be gone with the wind,” FILIPPA sings, and it is exactly how I feel. I am gone. There is only the song and me, nothing else in the entire world. The emotions this song awakens are also written into the lyrics: we all had a time in our lives when we were sick of bottling up feelings and simply wanted to dance and not think, not cry, not feel down for a moment.

With echoes of Sugababes and other famous pop groups, “Just One Night” is a dashing pop tune, while FILIPPA is as nifty and sassy the frontwomen of those groups. On top of that, she adds a special kind of modern twist. The final effect is an artist with a potential to become a phenomenal pop persona.

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