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If you’re a fan of the “Dark” series, Camilla Munck‘s music video for “Dear Is Both Too Loving And Informal” will be your cup of tea. Good because Danish is happy to premiere it for you today.

Camilla Munck has been a core force in bands like Wynona and Munck // Johnson, she has written soundtracks and created sound designs, and she has musical collaborations with Chorus Grant, Jacob Bellens, Spejderrobot, and Lise Westzynthius on her account. In the single “Dear Is Both Too Loving And Informal”, she steps out of collaborations and stands strong on her own two feet, showing the power of solo performance.

The single is a preview of Camilla Munck’s upcoming debut album “AEON”, which will come out on 8. October 2021. It is an intense one, both music- and video-wise.

“The night after my initial talk with the director and filmmaker Mike Højgaard,, I had this dream of myself in a forest, continuously gathering these branches (…) And then inspiration and improvisation struck in the midst of the actual forest, with nature and light bringing us closer to the loss and the letting go within this song, this peculiar declaration of peace,” says Camilla.

We watch Camilla in a dark forest, picking up branches, looking like a modern-day shaman. We see a combination of raw, inscrutable nature and expressive, contrasting visual elements. Combined with a haunting, somewhat dramatic singing, the captivating arrangement of “Dear Is Both Too Loving And Informal” sucked me into Camilla Munck’s universe with unexpected intensity and energy.

When times are dark, we can get overwhelmed by the gloom. Camilla Munck’s song and the video attempt to embrace the darkness, enter it with full speed and curiosity, rather than fear and hesitation. Images of the mysterious and mighty forest or the dark sturdy horse have the power to simultaneously disturb and comfort. Maybe that is what we should take from “Dear Is Both Too Loving And Informal”; there are so many contradictions in the tiny cracks between beauty and ugliness, fear and courage, love and hate, peace and madness… We can see them through the magnifying glass of our soul, if only we let go and dare to walk into the forest like Camilla Munck does in her music video. Join her on that walk.

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