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Light as a feather, mysterious as the morning mist, filled with peace and self-forgiveness. “In The Woods”, a new single by GRO, is premiering today on Good because Danish with grace and magnetism of what’s best in synth-pop.

GRO is a moniker of Julie Møller Christiansen from We Are The Way For The Cosmos To Know Itself. The music she creates under a new name is an ode to the fragile beauty, calmness, and minimalistic arrangements. The first single “Fade In Time” had distant echoes of Imogen Heap, and “In The Woods” follows in its footsteps to some extent. GRO combines the tenderness of sounds and an unpretentious combination of beats and melody. The song makes me feel as if I’m listening to silence singing. There is something spacious and organic in “In The Woods”; an element of peace only available in a safe space, an inner shelter each of us has.

“I started GRO and wrote my first album as a solo artist because I needed a space where I could process the loss of a person I loved. ‘In The Woods’ is the second single from the album, and it is about a walk I went for with this person shortly before she took her own life. Statistically, two people kill themselves every day in Denmark and leave the ones close to them with a traumatic experience. It is a serious societal issue, but very few people talk about suicide or how to prevent it,” says GRO.

The song is as minimalistic when it comes to lyrics, as it is music-wise. GRO offers a gem of a text that passes on so much and hits such deep and intimate notes while being enigmatic and frugal. How enormously much context and personal memories one can reminisce about while hearing “We were lost / In the woods / We were lost in us / In the woods.

I’m fascinated by the way GRO creates multi-layered musical paintings with only a few words and a couple of notes. Her music has a soul, like the best singer-songwriter pieces, while showing electronic claws subtly, gently playing with organic and machine sounds. “In The Woods” brings to mind an image of two lovers tenderly playing with their hands before going apart. The care, love, and a slight dose of sadness can be almost touched in this song.

“In The Woods” is a great example of the wonder that is music. You can use so little, but if you combine it in the right way, you create a moving gem. That’s what GRO did with this single. Dive into it, let yourself get lost in the woods with her.


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