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Cecilie Rau delivers a stunning performance in the new single and makes a simple, yet powerful point: we all need to detox from time to time and there is no better way than going “Back to Nature”. Her song, along with a calming music video, premieres today at Good because Danish. The music video shows nature and its pure beauty in a way you can almost smell the forest while watching it. We are honoured to host this premiere!

Nature is a great teacher

Cecilie Rau is a Danish songwriter, who creates songs inspired by forces of nature. She asks existential questions in her songs. With her impactful piano playing and strong vocals, Cecilie has created a soothing, hopeful and unique singer-songwriter universe. In 2020 she released a debut EP “Hand of the Sun” and now she is back with the new single “Back to Nature”.

“Nature is a great teacher in many ways. The Earth grounds me, the trees stand strong in bloom and it feels like a warm supported hug to go for a walk in the forest,” says Cecilie Rau. You can hear that sense of comfort and calming down in her song from the very first note. She turns herself to nature and shares the experience with us. A gentle, aesthetic melody leaves plenty of space for Cecilie’s vocals. Her voice manages to combine warmth and coldness. It is like the sun peaking through the leaves – you feel the subtle nuances slipping through strong tones.

Cecilie Rau in search for inner calm in “Back to Nature”

“The butterflies flying around on a heavy day can remind me that through all dark periods, something beautiful and valuable can be shaped. The changing of seasons reminds me how every season has its necessity, just like we as humans have. We need time to rest to find our inner calm so that we can once more bloom,” continues Cecilie Rau. In the music video for “Back to Nature”, filmed brilliantly by Julie Montauk, all these words become reality. We can see Cecilie going from the busy city, that never sleeps, into the forest, where she discovers its every detail in silence. She takes it all in, calms down, and finds peace. The video is extremely detailed and nature plays the main part. Green is overwhelming and calming, as we follow Cecilie exploring the forest, touching water, leaves, grass… It almost feels as if we ourselves could touch it too.

Cecilie Rau claims that “ ’Back to Nature’ is a tribute to nature and an inspirational song about how nature can be a source to find more peace”. We can hear the love for nature in every beat of this song. An orchestra-like arrangement meets with moments of almost-silence, where you can only hear Cecilie’s vocals. This contrast creates complexity that’s pure and true, not boastful. On top of that, cleverly mixed increases and decreases in the song’s intensity build up tension. But it’s not negative, it rather represents a thrust for peace and harmony that only contact with nature can give.

It feels like we’re in a movie

“Back to Nature” was produced in collaboration with the German film composer Raphael Tschernuth. And you can hear his influence. The song could be a perfect opening to a movie soundtrack. The composition is a picturesque piece of music, that takes us into a different world for a few minutes. At times I listen to this song on repeat, as I do not want to come back to the reality of a city-life.

“I have the deepest respect and awe for nature, leading to this song, which I hope can inspire others to find more peace in a world that can be very stressful and chaotic at times,” finishes Ceclie Rau. I think she achieved her goal with “Back to Nature” 100%.

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