Today, we are honoured to present Where Did Nora Go and the music video for her new single “Undivided”.

Where Did Nora Go is Astrid Nora, a Danish musician who first lit her spark in 2012 and went on to release three albums. Her last appearance on Good because Danish was in 2014, when we introduced you to her cello-infused record “Shimmer“. For some time until 2019, it had been a little quiet around Astrid Nora. We are thrilled that she is back, releasing beautiful art into the world.   

The “Undivided” music video shows metal circles and mirrors, appearing in a magical foggy forest. Then you see her, singer, cellist and synth player Astrid Nora, with a golden, glittering crown on her head. Bright sun rays beam through the forest. Is the light coming from Astrid Nora and her golden crown magically shining as well?

Astrid Nora says:

“The video very much plays around with the different dimensions – the mirroring, the light, ‘the other side’, reflections of light and of nature, the sun – and the circles – I love the circles. Circles are a symbol for eternity. For endlessness. In this case I also somehow see it representing endless possibilities, infinite love. Everything that is lying there just waiting for us. It is already there – we just have to grab it. This might require that we go ‘to the other side’ of our current understanding of things. That we allow a shift in perspective.

Or just – start anew – the Buddhist have a saying called  ‘Honnin-Myo’ – it has a thousand meanings, one of them being ‘from now on’. It doesn’t matter what happened before. This moment is a new moment – a new birth so to say – and thus a new bouquet of endless opportunity. I love that!”

Wavering humming makes the song’s introduction, very subtle but still cutting when noisy elements join in. Then, Astrid Nora’s beautifully unique voice softly strokes your ears. I don’t feel the need to compare her vocals to anyone’s. Her singing is so spacious and overpowering, it does not really need the instrumentation to go along with it. When Astrid Nora opens her mouth, her sounds and lyrics are so full and complex.

“You will be you again / You will bear fruit again / Only on the other side of time / You / You are / You are light undivided.” 

Everything about this makes me feel hopeful. It is the way she sings the words, lovingly, and sure about her words. Her wonderful voice. Where Did Nora Go’s music truly speaks for itself. There is not much to say about it, you have to listen and let it circle around you, hug you, love you. Open your ears and heart, and stay open. Just sit and listen. There is nothing more to do. 

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