Despite the suit clad gents in The Entrepreneurs‘ clip to “Brutal Summer”, the actual song reminds me of some kind of late 90’s slip’n’slide bliss (for those that aren’t aware, slip and slide involves laying out a long piece of plastic on flat ground, running water over it, then sliding stomach first until you reach the end/go off the end and hurt yourself). Regardless, these are golden-tinged Australian memories, and “Brutal Summer”‘s two chorded, gain free, super charge of a chorus brings it all back. Speaking of the 90’s, this track could have been released then; and in no way is this a bad thing. It clocks in at two minutes and thirty-four seconds, and is all loud/soft Pixies dynamics, giving away to “that” crazy ride of a chorus and lead singer Mathias Bertelsen’s gigantic melodic bellow.

The clip is super weird. A big, hairy dude sits seductively atop a grandpiano, while the band play in pink suits within a whited out room. But, because the song is such a short adrenaline hit, The Entrepreneurs manage to pull it off. I think the track may have been better served with the band playing down a giant slip ‘n’ slide (second video ideas boys?), but a real slam of a first single nevertheless.