I think we can all agree that 2021 has not been particularly sweet in comparison to its predecessor. With protests across the globe, and the pandemic which doesn’t seem to be going anywhere just yet, it’s time for some nice news for a change. 

In January, Copenhagen’s rock trio The Entrepreneurs released their new single Sweet”. The simple, yet powerful song about love and the complexity of romantic relations surely lives up to its name. Though the song is simple, it is not without a character; an aggressive and upbeat feeling with contained energy runs through its entirety. 

The Entrepreneurs’ previous work, especially their 2019 album “Noise & Romance”, has a darker and grungier tone. It is infused with some spicy dissonant chords that sound a bit like something Kurt Cobain could be the author of. Although “Sweet” is not as dark and noisy as The Entrepreneurs’ older music, their signature grungy fuzz-distortion guitar brings rich and colourful contrast to the song’s theme of love, and an uplifting and fresh approach to its simplicity.

The song does not have a verbal chorus; lead guitar takes its place, imitating the verse. This lead guitar emphasizes the hook which lives within the verse’s vocal melody, it makes the song homogenous and it leads us back to this specific melody. It is a well-written and memorable part, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself humming the lines for the rest of the day. You’re so sweet / You never heard of / you never heard of hearts that bleed / if you don’t love what they’re made of.”

“Sweet” somehow reminds me of “What You Know” by Two Door Cinema Club, from their 2010 album “Tourist History”. With the prominent lead guitar carrying the song’s feel-good vibes, memorable hook, and powerful bass lines, it would not surprise me if The Entrepreneurs actually turned to “What You Know” once or twice in their writing process. Do I dare to say that if Nirvana were to have a child with Two Door Cinema Club, it would probably sound like The Entrepreneurs? As controversial as it may be, yes, I think I do!

“Sweet” was the first song The Entrepreneurs wrote for their upcoming album Wrestler”, which will be out on 26. February. I, for one, am pretty excited to hear what these talented guys have up their sleeves. Hopefully, this album will bring more sweetness to our everyday lives.

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