sekuoia-wavesImagine a track, that is able to make you believably remember all those lazy Summer days you in fact did not spend on beautiful, empty beaches. Now, exactly this kind of track is “Waves”, the latest release of Danish wunderkind Patrick Alexander Bech-Madsen, alias Sekuoia – whose (live) music I actually did spend more time with this year than with beach-based idleness. (To take a trip down real memory lane: Sekuoia’s sets here and here are thereby especially worth remembering.)

As implied by its own title, “Waves” combines aquatic feels in a dreamy, ambient whole of layers: something reminiscent of wistful, howling sounds of whale songs meets feel-good seaside vibes, delivered by some sun-kissed Spanish guitar.

When faced with the huge task of playing a full-length set at Roskilde Festival 2013, the young producer had to come up with a bunch of new pieces; one of these emerging works being “Waves”:

“One night I was playing random stuff on this Spanish guitar, and singing through a mic with loads of reverb on, and while just singing random words, the melody and lyrics just occurred. Since then I’ve been adding new elements along the way. It’s the first track I’ve made with proper lyrics, and in a way it has been the hardest track for me to produce”, tells Bech-Madsen about the track’s genesis.

“Waves” is the promising forerunner of Sekuoia’s next EP “Reset Heart” which is to be released in March 2015 . Until then, let the dreamy piece help you survive the cold, dark months and listen to it over on SoundCloud: