A world that provides us with plenty of time to reflect, rethink and dwell on the complexity of life has been surrounding us for the past months. And it might not be over just yet. Looking at this scenario, who wouldn’t need a bit of consolation or a strong companion these days? Or this very specific rhythm that helps you get through these days?

Luckily, the dream-rockers To Absent Friends are there to help us out. With their new EP “Smoke”, they share the first part of their two-sided debut album “Smoke & Mirrors”. It treats us with a melancholic but peaceful compilation of delicacies.

The six tracks take us on a journey of solemn reflection. Lucid metaphors provide a glimpse into the challenging time the band’s composer, lead singer and guitarist, Jonas Johansson, was experiencing while working on the album.

“Diving into the creation of the coming album has been just as much a healing process (…) as it has been a maturing progression for the band as a whole, who has evolved from a duo into a quintet,” shares Johansson.

After the title-track, the EP leads to the hymn-like “Take It or Leave It”, which was the first single. Describing a moment when you stumble into a stranger and find yourself fascinated with this enigmatic person, this haunting song leaves you with deep emotions. Next to “Frontdoorstep”, the EP’s second single, you’ll be delighted by three more tracks: “Nymphia”, “On The Far Side” and “When It Hits”. All of them are somewhat heavy-hearted, focused around escapism and letting oneself obsess over something or someone to fill an inner void.

Does that sound too heavy for a summer? Definitely not! “Smoke” EP sounds true, honest and fills you with a close connection to someone sharing emotions, thoughts and fears. And no, this is never heavy, but human. Isn’t that what we need the most right now?

If you are curious to hear “Mirrors”, the second part of the album, stay tuned for autumn 2020. We can’t wait!

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