Once in a while, we receive a piece of music at Good because Danish, which is simply something else. When it happens, it often takes us a bit more time to put our emotions into words. It’s an enormous pleasure to us to share with you the EP “Break My Mirror” by GO BY LUCK. You really won’t regret diving into it.

“Born and raised in the cold north of Copenhagen where the winter is long and summer is a sign of hope and relief, DJ, producer and songwriter Gustav Borch Lützhøft always dreamt about the world beyond. With his solo project named GO BY LUCK, he aims to create a sonic universe which makes the listeners feel like they are entering secretive and emotional new worlds.” (Facebook)

On the “Break My Mirror” EP all that is mentioned above can be found. Each song is like a box – when it opens, there is a space with another box… and it keeps on showing more and more new dimensions and layers and spaces filled with sound with every second. There is something from Olafur Arnalds’ magic in some of the compositions and something from Burial’s darkness as well.

The EP begins with a very hypnotizing “Darkroom”. The song immediately locks you in a bubble, cutting you off from the outside world. And it is the best feeling in the world, which only a very special piece of music can do (at least to me). 

Followed by four equally mesmerizing and unique compositions, including “DROWNED” featuring Sagn, “Break My Mirror” EP is a prof that music to quiet down is so needed in these crazy times we live in.

GO BY LUCK creates a sound which is both very detailed and very open. His music is a true balm to the soul. If you need a runaway from whatever it is that brings you down, bothers you, frustrates you… go to “Break My Mirror” EP and find some peace and comfort.

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