Finally, at the end of April waiting was over, fresh new material of Lauritz Carlsen, aka Lou Z, the new EP “Fairyland Goodbye” saw the light of day. His music reminds us of the timeless power of the electric guitar and brings us to wonderful places.

With his music, imaginative Lou Z reaches us emotionally in an authentic manner– sensitive and at the same time extremely fabulous. “Breathing out your air/ exhaling what was left/ tearing down reflections/ no reason to be reminded of myself” Lauritz sings. These opening lyrics encompass a lot of the EP’s themes:  it reflects on the confusing and exciting period of growing up as a teenager – a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Bodies are changing; minds are clouded by feelings meanwhile trying to navigate through life. We can all relate! It is when we start exploring the world around us full of curiosity, energy, and freedom – probably the most interesting, fun and exciting times in our lives.

Written during often dark and rainy fall and recorded in Lou Z’s home base of Copenhagen, the record feels like the insecurity that occurs entering the teen lifespan. It is difficult to define the record at all. It is not exactly rock’n’roll, though the record does contain loud guitars and pulsating drums. “Fairyland Goodbye” was inspired by soul, electronic, hip-hop and pop, its influences reveal the constant change in teenager’s life.

“Give a little before you go/ Live a little before you go” Lou Z sings and co-wrote the song “Before You Go” with Hannah Schneider from AyOwA, inspired by The Raveonettes,. The song ends with a powerful picture in your head. The next song, “Fairyland Goodbye”, is the exciting story of finding your own way. Next, there is this more depressing but simultaneous hopeful side to the record. In “You Left Alone” Lou Z sings “you left alone/ everything that could hurt”. He continues “But you shine today/ Yeah you shine today”. “Lost On” almost feels like a love song maybe a cry for love and wanting to be loved. Finally, there is “Who in the World” where things seem to begin falling into place. It wraps everything up nicely.

Sit back and listen!

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