When Copenhagen’s Skatepark turned once again into a beautiful oasis of creativity, Trailerpark Festival jumped high on top of Good because Danish’s all-time-favorite events. Creative collective ArtRebels presented this year’s edition of its “house festival” from 31. July to 2. August, bringing with it a definite highlight in these mild Copenhagen summer weeks.

Trailerpark Festival creates its uniqueness by combining great musical and artistic live acts with performances, well-placed installations and though-out details. A huge sense of coziness pervades, and creativity oozes out of every corner – but above all, it is a strong, common love for the artists’ own and others’ work that makes the festival so special and rare.

It is especially these individual surroundings where every location possesses its own, distinctive features, that make Trailerpark’s concerts truly unforgettable. The biggest scene, Royal Stage, hosted a whole row of different acts this year, and yet – the factory hall’s raw character with its few skate ramps, suited it all: from late-afternoon folk dance with Heimatt, Mont Oliver’s rainbow-coloured performance, Reptile Youth’s “traditional” energy-explosion, to the just as energetic girl power of Baby in Vain. The hall also accommodated a gloomy, rough set of Get Your Gun, heavenly Giana Factory with the most beautiful background visuals, our all-time-favourite bunnies Sleep Party People and some summer night dancing with October Dance (who ended up being a personal new discovery!).

A few steps outside of the main scene, Rebel Stage drew you in, delightfully decorated with wooden triangles, little light bulbs and colorful sticks hanging like frozen rain from the tent’s ceiling. This embellishment added a glimmer of magic to Rosemary’s beautifully disturbing sounds and Kill J’s intimate yet captivating performance.

After passing the so-called “Tinder Motel”, a rainbow wall, Trailerpark’s tattoo tombola, bars, food stands and trailers, the open circus-tent-like Outdoor Stage featured a simpler stage decoration, reminiscent of a wooden shelf-construction of geometrical forms. Most of the acts we had earlier recommended to see were scheduled on this scene. Besides the quirky performance of Gold Lip and Communions’ in the best possible way apathetic gig, it was Sekuoia’s amazing set, dipped in monochrome light and smoke, that marked a highlight within the whole festival weekend.

Oh, what’s left to say? Trailerpark Festival, you have been beautiful… See you next year!

Photos by Nick McKinlay (62), Jasmin König (8) and Esben Halkier (1)

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