BOUNDARIES – Boundaries

If you’re a fan of the vibrant, post-punk sound and you don’t mind having your ears a little scratched by the music, the self-titled EP from Boundaries – an upcoming band from Copenhagen, which is not afraid to be heavier in the world ruled by pop – is what you need to listen to.

The 6-piece EP titled simply “Boundaries” is a really tight selection of songs. Balancing on the borders of new wave, shoegaze and post-punk, Copenhagen-based band delivers music which has an edge, provokes thoughts and emotions.

There is a kind of instability and rush in the songs from the EP. It’s there in a heavy and dark opener “Push”, in an atmospheric, energetic “Always A Way”. Even the slower tracks, which are more steady on the surface – like “Positive Spaces” or “Flesh”hide a very special urge to move.

Boundaries recorded an EP which can be a great soundtrack to a race called “life”, that each of us takes part in every day. Every song on “Boundaries” has a heartbeat. Every song is the musical transcript of a bitter-sweet feeling of being alive.

“Boundaries” EP has character and is a very clear message that there is still a lot of potentials to build on when it comes to post-punk and the genre can be a strong base for future creativity.

We’re really enjoying the fresh air that Boundaries bring to the world of Danish heavier music and we look forward to more.