KWAMIE LIV – Lost In The Girl

Kwamie Liv - Lost In The Girl EP

Some time ago, we introduced Kwamie Liv here on the blog. A couple of months later she released an EP, titled “Lost In The Girl” which you can still download for free here or here.

Kwamie Liv is not only ready to conquer Denmark with her soothing and singular electro-pop sound, but any other place that it comes across.

Her EP consists of 7 dashing songs – such as the melancholic “5 AM”, where she will take you on a journey through the neon lights with the mesmerizing chorus and the magnetizing synths. Later we find the upbeat “Lost In The Girl” with its 80’s wavy vibes, forging a splendid pop tune full of attitude. “Comin THRU” is yet another catchy jewel found on the EP and yes, it is love at first listen.

Even though Kwamie Liv has been compared to artists like Lana Del Rey, Banks and M.I.A, with her EP she has developed her own sound and has demonstrated how an emerging artist has the power to captivate effortlessly.

Stream the “Lost In The Girl” EP on SoundCloud and Spotify or buy it via iTunes.