Kwamie Liv

Some listeners describe her as the “Danish Lana Del Ray”. But the Danish-Zambian artist Kwamie Liv seems to escape from this comparison by creating her own stlye with a mix of seductive electronics and R’n’B music.

Recently, she released the new song “Follow You”, that brought her a lot of attention in the blogosphere – and that’s how Good because Danish found out about her. The first impression of her music is great.

The musical line of Kwamie Liv‘s songs contains references to SOHN, the delicate vibes of Burial beats and The Weekend (she covered one of their songs). All of them are combined with R’n’B inspirations. The vocals bring BANKS, the mentioned Lana Del Ray and to some extent – Massive Attack to mind. But all these links to other artists are very loose and anyone else could find tones of others. I think that’s the beauty of Kwamie Liv‘s music.

Her first released song was the slow, mellow song “5 AM” – which is perfect for early morning hours, after a sleepless night (as said in the title). When daydreams and night dreams mix together, like the voice and music in the song.

After releasing the first single which was quite melancholic, Kwamie Liv presented the more vivid song “Follow You”. However, don’t expect any fireworks and hard beats here either. The atmosphere is still on the thin line between day and night, the vibe is quite heavy and the vocals are coming to the listener kind of out of the mist. The musical shape of “Follow You” isn’t sharp; everything is relevant – the song seems to say. The more intense electronic background underlines the hypnotizing vocals of Kwamie Liv.

So far we have heard three tracks from this interesting artist – and we are looking forward to listen to more soon, hoping that the in the online world created hype around her will be well-deserved.

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