LOWLY – Daydreamers

lowlySaturday feels like a perfect opportunity to finally introduce you also here on Good because Danish to Lowly – a talented bunch of people, who all have previous experience in making music and recently gathered together to form a collective.

„The whole is more than a sum of its parts”. True to that saying we can expect something great from Lowly, as each of its members brings an own style and a different genre to this project: electro, rock, hip hop, folk and jazz.

Nanna Schannong and Soffie Viemose (the one known from her self-titled project, the other under the alias NANOME) are taking on leading vocals with the other members – Kasper Staub, Thomas Lund and Steffen Lundtoft (all three known from other projects such as Islets of Dust, Point Blank and NovemberDecember) – joining them creating a chorus.

This promising combination – or as they call themselves “awesome soundwave band” – could not only convince us with their showcase at this year’s SPOT Festival, but has already won over hearts far beyond Danish borders: The Guardian recently listed their first song “Daydreamers” among five must-listen new tracks from around the world.

Listen to „Daydreamers”, a romantic ode to youth with a swirling synth and a dose of 80’s style: