Photo by Nick McKinlay

After our great first day at SPOT Festival 2014 the awesomeness of Danish musicians should continue with the festival’s second day!

Our Saturday, 3. May, in Aarhus took off with “Lørdagsslik” (Danish for “Saturday’s candy”), a dayparty taking place around the GAFFA tent stage, literally full of (ear) candy. With free sweets and free concerts – among others by Sekuoia and Kill J, who had already amazed us with their official SPOT shows the day before – it was the best, possible start into the day!

After catching some sunshine, we managed to see a bit of Darkness Falls’ concert at the SCC stage. Two women, two different stage personalities, one very good combination coming out of it. It wasn’t the only time during SPOT Festival that we wished we could clone ourselves and stay until the end of their show. But there was more to see…

…namely, a concert that should turn out as one of our biggest highlights of the whole festival: Get Your Gun. We had been looking forward to their show since the release of their album “The Worrying Kind” – and they surely didn’t disappoint us! Even though it was a bright day, Godsbanen’s Rå Hal somehow got darker during Get Your Gun’s heavy, almost scary show. Excruciating vocals, perfect live versions of the songs and the honesty of the artists performing on stage made us totally forget about the outside world.

After that in-the-best-way heavy experience, we got to catch a totally different one but yet another highlight of this year’s SPOT: Quick Quick Obey, whose show we had been looking forward to ever since their amazing release concert in April. With a performance that not only demonstrated a whole bunch of musical competence, but also enthusiasm and joy of playing together, the four young talents thrilled their audience and made more than up for the rather uncharming setting of Musikhuset’s foyer stage. Make sure to check out the wonderful photo series our contributor Nick did about the likeable guys behind Quick Quick Obey over at Jutland Station.

We continued our personal concert marathon with My Heart The Brave, an awesome project we had included into the #SPOT14 MIXTAPE, set up prior to the festival together with our friends at Poule d’Or. Even though the tracks could convince live as well, the – in our ears – way too bassy sound at the SCC stage sadly couldn’t…

After literally cloning ourselves, we experienced the wonderful NovemberDecember being wonderful as always, a short, but super intense show of I’LL BE DAMNED, a dose of pop music to dance and have fun without wondering too much about anything with Mont Oliver and the cool League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen making people bounce.

To take a little break from SPOT Festival’s indoor area, one part of Good because Danish managed to see yet another amazing performance of Blaue Blume at GAFFA’s tent stage, while the other part went to the cozy Fairbar and relaxed by listening to Goodbye Lisichka – a band that has the potential to become the Danish response to Of Monsters and Men.

Excited for SPOT Festival’s biggest production ever, we – together with a huge crowd – decided for a great portion of Rock’n’Roll, Fun and Go Go Berlin at SCC stage. A combination that turned out as the best way to get refreshed again!

In the meantime our photographing talent Nick went to see SLEEP PARTY PEOPLE at Atlas, together with Good because Danish’s good friend and just as talented journalist Naomi. Since overlapping showcases and own bad timing are probably among the worst things during a festival, we are more than happy that we get a little glimpse into one of SPOT’s general highlights through seriously awesome photographs – and Naomi’s fantastic concert review on Jutland Station.

We, ourselves, then moved to Musikhuset’s Caféscenen to see a totally new facet of Schultz & Forever. With a full band, an almost rock’n’roll-ish sound and an extreme change in its music, Jonathan Schultz’ project surprised us a lot. We are curious to see what will come next from this Dane, who seems like one big, unpredictable puzzle!

Back at the SCC again, we could barely fit in to get closer to the stage where Psyched Up Janis played one of this year’s biggest highlights at SPOT Festival. Boy, this band has still style and charisma! What an awesome experience!

The lovely, fresh and talented composer’s collective Lowly, whose debut single “Daydreamers” was already positively acclaimed way beyond Danish borders, could also convince with the live performance of their dreamy pop harmonies.

Time to mention the godfathers of Good because Danish, Turboweekend, who only and exclusively played new material during their show. We were a bit worried and we really, really wanted to like the new songs – and of course they didn’t fail us. The sound got bigger, the guys more sofisticated on stage, the show’s atmosphere got better and better with every song and in the end it felt like we had already loved the new stuff before even hearing it live. After this concert we are more than sure that Turboweekend’s new album will be something good!

Afterwards we managed to see a very calming set of Feel Freeze at Musikhuset’s Caféscenen. The last played song, their single “Wet My Tongue”, sounded like a perfect, smooth way to say goodbye to this year’s SPOT Festival…

…but it wasn’t over yet! After Turboweekend’s powerful show at SCC, The Eclectic Moniker took over the stage and with it the task of keeping the party alive. And they did a fine job with tropical rhythms and danceable beats.

Yet, the last concert Good because Danish should catch during SPOT Festival 2014, was the one of Broke, who with their wild and energetic show at a packed Radar provided the best transition from official festival into a long, fun night in Aarhus…

Photos by Nick McKinlay (3) and Jasmin König (3)

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