photo by Gustav Scavenius Brønnum

The duo Glume caught our attention with a mesmerizing single “Mermaid”. Now they are back with a debut EP “Spring”, which brings a breath of fresh air as well as the feeling of raindrops on your skin.

Glume are a shoegaze duo who truly make me feel that this genre of music is doing well. Their EP “Spring” is a tribute to all the qualities and characteristics of spring indeed. It is optimistic, in certain moments impulsive and romantic in a rough, real way.

“SPRING is about the search for kindness and agreement in a time of powerlessness and insecurity. The EP incorporates gloomy themes such as anxiety, grief and loneliness while depicting the beautiful aspects, full of positivism, that may be found in human relations,” says Liva, the singer, about the EP.

The mix of lazy and vibrant guitar-based melodies of Glume’s songs reminded me that music has so many faces. The compositions on the EP are so rich sound-wise, so intense and full of surprises. Musically, “Spring” delivers a full spectrum of melodious puzzles, which, combined, make a perfect whole.  There is something thoroughly real and organic in Glume’s sound. That ‘something’ distinguishes them from other bands.

Gentle, sweet vocals of Liva flow on the surface of the melodies and catch attention in a graceful way. For some reason, when she sings, it makes me think of Mother Earth. If she had a human voice, it would be a voice of Glume’s singer.

As the variable spring weather in real life, Glume’s “Spring” EP changes the mood and goes from positive to melancholic and anxious lyrics. You can hear the stories of shame, an encounter of opposite characters, anxiety, loneliness, hope and naivety of youth on it. Everything is delivered with an almost childlike sincerity.

Glume present the music which is like a field flower—wild, natural, unbound by anything and honest. They reminded me that you can truly hear it when an artist is completely free in the creation and doesn’t have to follow any trends or instructions.

In the title song from the EP, you can hear the lyrics: “Nonetheless, I give you spring. Unwanted necessary seeds”. Take that spring from Glume as I did and enjoy every single bit of it.

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