There is something intoxicating and magical in Penny Police‘s music. Each song she releases – from the very first sound – creates a bubble, in which the listener can disappear for the outside world for a bit. This amazing ability to cut off the noise of the daily life by using soft and gentle sounds is Penny Police’s trademark that can be heard in “Make It Move” – a brand new single released today, 16. August 2019.

“Make It Move” is another preview of the upcoming Penny Police album “Be Lucky”, which will have its premiere in autumn this year. We had to wait a few years to hear new music, but taking time off did Penny Police good. Her new songs are kept in the same spirit as previous work, but it seems like the lovely singer-songwriter matured and got some new perspective over the years.

In the new single, Penny Police wants to tell us – “notice how great life is!”. The song tells us about the spark of power that each of us has inside, it makes us look around and see the miracles of daily life. It is up to us to use what we have to make life good. Penny Police’s “Make It Move” encourages us to do so.

As it often happens with Penny Police songs, it got me from the very first second. I can’t exactly say why I love her music so much, but it has something incredibly special in it. This unique way of showing me that you can be gentle and an introvert, yet also strong and determined in achieving your goals in life. Not all of us have to be outgoing, confident extraverts. Penny Police shows with her music that the greatest power is to use what we have inside to create beautiful things and make goodness.

Listen to “Make It Move” and mark your calendar for the new album – “Be Lucky” – release on the 27. September 2019.

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