In 2022, Marie Fjeldsted decided to let go of the moniker Penny Police and present music under her real name. While Penny Police music was always pure and intimate, Marie Fjeldsted compositions touch the heart and soul even more.

With freedom and bold openness, Marie Fjeldsted’s second single “Occasionally” and the music video that follows, give us an inside into the personal world of the artist, her most intimate view on motherhood, and emotions connected to raising a child.

“The song is about the pendulum of emotions it has been for me to become a mother. To accept that things change, one’s body changes, one’s place in life changes, one’s ability to have control over things changes, but in return you can lie with your child and feel whole right there “, says Marie.

“Occasionally” is the first song that Marie Fjeldsted and her boyfriend Linus Klestrup Larsen worked on together in his brand new studio before the pandemic set in. When the covid shut down happened, they moved work to their home, creating a recording studio in their bedroom. That’s when Marie decided, since she never felt like a persona, to drop Penny Police moniker. “I have taken the music home – both specifically home in my bedroom, but also in the expression, because I have created it completely outside other people’s expectations and opinions “, says Marie.

The music video for “Occasionally” reflects the journey that is motherhood and the emotions that come with it. The world around a mother changes, it is constantly in motion, nothing is steady anymore. Marie makes a gentle metaphor of a train ride in the music video. She also underlines how a mother notices everyday life details sharply. In “Occasionally”, we can also see and hear the acceptance of changes. We can see Marie just as she is, looking at us with gentleness and peace of mind. She accepts her new self, and motherhood, with all its turbulences, as well as all its glory and joy.

Marie Fjeldsted’s music was always able to calm me down. Whenever I listen to her songs, either the Penny Police stuff, or the new music, I feel reassured that there is space in this world for fragileness and that it can be a great strenght, not a weakness. With “Occsionally”, Marie once again sings about intimate, personal experience, which reflects emotions of many others. Hopefully, you can feel the comfort of the song the same way I do.

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