BARSELONA – Northside Festival 2019: photo gallery

photo by Marie Oleinik

Day 3 at Northside Festival welcomed us with a completely unpredictable weather, constantly switching between storms and sunshine. That, however, did not stop the dedicated Barselona fans who were patiently lined up along the barrier to see the first act of the day.

The young band keeps making its way up the Danish music scene, however, it seemed like they were not on top of their game at Northside. Some of their newest songs, like “Bankende Hjerter” or “Jeg Så Livet Forlade Mig” are highly enjoyable to listen to, but the vast majority sound way too similar to each other. The same can be said about their shows, where, after having seen Barselona live a few times, the predictability has become quite apparent. You know exactly what it is going to happen, what Rud Aslak is going to say, and when he will pretentiously light up another cigarette. As the band is getting bigger, we hope that they will soon level up their stage presence as well.

Nevertheless, we genuinely enjoyed seeing Barselona at Northside 2019 and will continue to support them. There is still something special about the Copenhagen duo, and we love to see them conquer big festivals and venues!

Check out our gallery from Barselona‘s set at Northside 2019.

Photos by Marie Oleinik