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Ida Wenøe‘s characteristic vocals and mesmerising charisma made her one of the most touching and special artists for us at Good because Danish. We are thrilled that Ida’s second album is out now and we invite you to take the time to listen to “The Things We Don’t Know Yet”. It’s one of a kind collection of songs.

On the new record Ida Wenøe invites us – strangers – for a drink on a quiet (probably also rainy and cold) afternoon/evening, sits down with us in an empty, old pub somewhere and tells us stories. Stories about love, hope, but also defeat, sorrow and disappointment. She’s honest, open about any experience or any thought she shares with us and seems to describe everything sort of from a great distance.

“The Things We Don’t Know Yet” combines a very detailed, personal view on certain life experiences with a “landscape” perspective – listening to it is a bit like looking in a mirror reflection of the mirror reflection – you have the small picture in the bigger picture and that picture goes deeper and deeper until infinity. It’s the same with Ida’s songs – their depth captivates the listener and brings a river of thoughts to flow slowly through you. 

For some reason when I listen to “The Things We Don’t Know Yet”, I imagine the great, wide open landscapes and picture myself on one of the countryside roads going through the heathland. Wind in my hair, roughness and beauty of nature and Ida’s voice whispering her stories to my ear… and maybe one lonely tear falling down my cheek. Is it out of sadness, sorrow or nostalgia? I can’t tell.

All of those emotions are locked in the songs on the album. You can feel them with your whole soul, thanks to gentle, very gracious arrangements of the music. It’s thanks to them that from the very first – title – song Ida’s music locks you in a bubble in a way. You just know you’re in another dimension. 

I could go on and on about each of the songs on the record, about what I feel, what I see when I listen to them, but I leave that to each of you – go through “The Things We Don’t Know Yet” on your own and take what you need from it. Ida Wenøe gives you plenty of space and time in sharing herself and her music on this album.

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