It was 4January and a very fresh year of Danish music pleasures ahead. We hit play for one of our favourite Danish singers, Oh Land and everything came a bit different than as we thought: “Human Error” was not only a new song but something bigger. Listening to this track, we heard lyrics and a melody that touched us deeply and remained in our heads ever since then.

Oh Land’s new single had us at the first 5 seconds. When listening to the deep lyrics of the song, you feel that suddenly there are words to feelings you had before, but weren’t sure how to phrase them. Now you know.

With “Human error” Oh Land is taking us on a journey to her recent past and current present and is sharing a very intimate story. While having goosebumps right away when listening to her clear but soft voice and the calm melody of the song, we learn about the break up of her marriage. We hear the lyrics and feel with her. And we don’t feel with her because we are touched by another break up-story, but because we know it’s true what she says and she is being very open and very honest with us.

The chorus “No missing digits, no real mistakes, just human errors, make human hearts break” stands for Oh Land’s personal story, but also for so many of our stories, when in a world where we try to plan, control and track everything, we thought we have done everything to make things work and they still don’t always do.

Listening to this special and sensitive track we feel as close to Nanna Øland Fabricius aka Oh Land as probably in none of her songs before. She shares her own feelings and thoughts and we get the urge to share ours. We feel comfort. We feel compassion. And we feel we are not alone. Can this make us stronger? We don’t know, but it can make us aware that life is a journey and it will happen while we can not always fully plan it ahead.

Experiencing a more “real” Oh Land than ever before makes us impatiently looking forward to see more of this side of her on her new album “Family Tree”, coming out on 3. May 2019. Please May, come soon!

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