Kwamie Liv has a new single“New Boo” – with a disturbing, yet hypnotizing animated video clip directed by Baby Duka and you simply can’t miss it! Once the first sound reached our ears, we were lost and experiencing a serious “Repeat 1” syndrome since then. Just a warning, this song is seductive and mesmerizing. 

The single “New Boo” is another preview of soon to be released Kwamie Liv’s debut album “Lovers That Come and Go”, which we are looking forward to hearing since the release of an EP “Lost in The Girl”.

Kwamie Liv says about the new song:

“I wrote “New Boo” late one night on my guitar after coming home from a long studio session. I was tired, sitting on my couch caught somewhere between grunge nostalgia and images of neon lights and highways, part of me wanting to buy a one way ticket to somewhere warm. With the video, it seemed like an obvious choice to ask Baby Duka to animate it, both as a cadeau to how big a part graphics were in the “Lost in The Girl” project but also because the blurred lines between imagination and reality that are possible through drawing, suits the song.”

“New Boo” is incredibly overpowering. There is something in the bass and guitar line, in Kwamie Liv’s vibrant, very organic-sounding vocals, that leaves the listener unable to do anything else than just dive into the song and disappear in it. 

It takes a complete control of you for the 3:26 minutes. It’s exciting, as well as slightly disturbing feeling. The disturbance is definitely deepened by the video clip, presenting an animated main character poll-dancing at a strip club with human-animal guests. 

Kwamie Liv has created a song which is a bit like a mantis, luring the listener. Once you’re grasped, there is no escape from “New Boo”. All in all, it’s a pretty damn awesome feeling. It gets under your skin almost. And you catch yourself humming “(…) just trying to survive, i-i-i-i-i-i-ii”. 

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