Ida Kudo caught our eye (and ear) at this year SPOT Festival and she continues to impress with the newest release – “Ghost”

Good because Danish always enjoys finding something fresh and new in the Danish music and Ida Kudo definitely brings a breath of freshness to the stage with her vivid, unpredictable songs and presence. 

As her previous songs, especially the single “Wolf”“Ghost” is another composition with all these elements. The wildness of sound and playful, energetic vocals show the best side of Ida Kudo. She is charismatic and positively crazy in a way, that she naturally goes where the music takes her, focusing on expressing herself and her style.

I think it is an essential part of Ida Kudo’s charm – she has a unique style. And here “unique” truly means – like no other. In “Ghost” you can hear that from the very beginning. The melody inspired in a way by natural tribe music (at least that’s what comes to my mind) blends perfectly with powerful and playful vocals and an electronic twist here and there. The song runs, then stops. Then… takes a turn! And each part of the way, “Ghost” makes you follow. Even though the song sounds cheerful and upbeat, the lyrics aren’t so obvious. All that gives the composition a very special vibe. 

The thing that draws the listener to “Ghost” and in general – to Ida Kudo’s music – is the feeling of freedom and liberation shining in between the notes. It’s truly a music from the heart, or from the guts.

Get familiar with “Ghost” and see if it makes you dance and slightly disturbs you (or makes you wonder about stuff), like it did with us at Good because Danish

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