The New Year is one month old by now – there have been good moments already, and some exhausting ones as well. And even though everything is more or less moving forward, there are those moments when you feel that now you finally know what the New Year has been missing so far: inspiration. This feeling of being inspired, by some new music, or some great visual experience.

And then, completely unexpected,  when browsing through new music, there it was: This moment of feeling inspired and being clearly clicking with a new track. This emotional moment, that makes you feel every word of the lyrics in your body. This second, that without even watching the video of it, the song creates a clear picture in mind. This year this very special moment goes to Copenhagen-based Marie-Lousie Munck and her new song “Dead calm Ocean”.

The track, launched in January, is the first song of her new, upcoming album “Moon Dogs”, that will be out on the 23. March. With its calm, wide melody it definitely tackles your inner dramatic soul. But listening to the lyrics and the impressively soft pace, you will not only sense the drama but rather see the cold sea and an empty beach in front of you. You will see the waves coming in and feel the icy wind, paired with sea salt against your face. But all not in a stormy, windy mood, but as the title already triggers – in a calm way. You’ll get inspired and have the wonderful feeling of tieing knots between what you imagine, hear and feel.

Are you ready for a perfect combination of a carrying melody and a strong visual experience? Then enjoy listening to Marie-Louise Munck’s “Dead calm Ocean” – and if you want to check if your vision of the dead calm ocean matches with hers, also check out her video.

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