Ellis May from Copenhagen takes the listener on a beautiful and atmospheric journey. Combining high and low voices with electronic elements turn her songs into an exceptional creation. She started the solo project in 2017 and surprised us with her unique and melodious voice and three touching songs: “Old Love”, “Surrender” and “Father”.

Old Love

The dreamy and catchy melody of “Old Love” catches the attention from the very beginning. Ellis May’s voice creates a warm and comfortable feeling and makes the song truly powerful. A moving composition in my feeling speaks about this old love that has not vanished, the acceptance of its presence and coming to terms with it.


Ellis May‘s second, and my favourite song, “Surrender”, is a song about the unquestionable nature of love, surrendering ourselves to the unknown in a redeeming way. Ellis May combines high and low voices in a playful way which creates an energetic and lively atmosphere. Turn it up and close your eyes! Combined with the melodic and rhythmic elements it is one of the songs that will get stuck in your head for a long, long time.


“Father” – her latest release is a listening experience that brings goosebumps. The peaceful, calm and contemplative sounds of the piano and the sensual warm and dark voice give a sense of security and peacefulness. The dropping of a soft whispering voice and the almost angelic vocals make the whole listening experience somehow mystical. The magic works and lets you embark on new paths and dreaming of the unknown.

Ellis May and her playful coordination of voice speak to me. Her songs make me stop and listen intensely, make me close my eyes and dive deep into splendid feelings, start daydreaming and forget the time. One of my personal recommendations at Eurosonic Noorderslag Festival in the Netherlands on Friday 19. January 2018 where she is one of the artists representing Denmark.

And that is not all: she will play at Frost Festival on 18. February in Copenhagen with Excelsior.

Dive into Ellis May’s musical Universe on SoundCloud.

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