The Aarhus-based trio Catch The Breeze starts the New Year with a real rock, shoegaze bang! Today they released a new single, which is a preview of their upcoming debut album “Glow”. Let their guitar sound take you on a journey lightened by the “Paper Lanterns”.

Maybe it’s the longing for real, guitar sound, maybe it’s the grey “not-really-a-winter” weather outside, but “Paper Lanterns” song seems to come in a perfect moment for Good because Danish. It is vibrant, atmospheric and… honest. It shows that Danish music has a lot to offer also in the area of rock sounds.

Catch The Breeze stay true to themselves with their music. There’s no colouring, no glitter, just purity of some sort in their songs. Here and there the guitar riffs bring post-rock to mind, here and there the vocals make you dreamy and switch off the outside world. “Paper Lanterns” is a great example of that. The intense melody comes in contrast to the calm way of singing, which in my opinion is a very intriguing combination.

A song like “Paper Lanterns” is great for the use of “Repeat 1” on whatever music streaming device you use. Something in it wakes up both bad and good memories. “You are transported instantly! The music of Catch the Breeze beckons you into sonic landscapes, elevates you with melodic themes and sends sparks flying, splitting dark, pensive moods” (press material) – we agree with it in 100% and invite you to find out what “Paper Lanterns” wakes up in you.

Listen to the single from Catch The Breeze on music streaming channels and keep an eye on the band, their debut album “Glow” comes out this year. Also, check out the video clip to “Paper Lanterns” on YouTube.

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