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Sometimes on Good because Danish, we find songs that are made for a “repeat 1” button. Obviously, a brand new single “Train Talk (Don’t Ask Me About Love)” dropped by Penny Police is one of them. The single is can be heard, but also seen, as there is a lovely official music video to it, which promotes Penny Police’ forthcoming EP.

Marie Fjeldsted aka Penny Police occupies Good because Danish’ speakers since years and we do believe that there is no need to present her background so much. After realeasing singles “No Horizon” and “Fool Like Me” earlier this year, now Penny Police is raising up the heat with the new song and makes the fire of her music burning even more. What makes “Train Talk” different from the previous singles is that it’s not really a radio-friendly kind of music. The priority is to send out a message, dressed in sounds.

“This song is based on a phone conversation heard on a train here in Copenhagen. A man is talking about his love life, how bad he thinks he is at it and how much he wishes that he had a girlfriend” –  Penny Police describes “Train Talk”.

The single was produced by Aske Bode (known from collaboration with Bodebrixen, Hymns From Nineveh or Battlekat) and is released by his label Antiphonics. You can hear the very good quality of arrangement from the very first beats. It reminds me of the iconic vibes, characteristic for Johnny Jewel and Chromatics. The music is very adorable for the fans of “Drive”-like, neurotic mood. Anyway, Penny Police’ flow and lyricism on it are truly something to marvel at. Pure perfection in its minimalism closed in just 3 minutes.

The music video is as simple as the song seems to be. That’s the way how artists should make low-budget music videos nowadays. Penny Police did it perfectly. The video has subtitles on it. Penny Police doesn’t want you to miss any words of her message. You can see daily pictures from Copenhagen train station. When the music overlays the pictures, it encourages an interpretation so cleverly. We will leave you with the video clip to see by yourself.

We are looking forward to catch Penny Police’s new EP in the beginning of 2018. As she said the new material is inspired by conversations overheard, television clips and pieces otherwise forgotten. Stay tuned and in the meantime enjoy “Train Talk (Don’t Adk Me About Love)”!

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