Heimatt - The Greatest Story

Heimatt – this is folk, this is indie. This is what will most probably come to your mind when you think about Magnus Grilstad and his musical direction with Heimatt. But wait – this is not everything and by far not what would describe the new album of Heimatt, “The Greatest Story”, which was recently launched.

With “Beneath the Surface”, the album has a very catchy opener that is way more on the pop-side than on the folk tunes. On a very melodic background, Magnus’s voice leads us right to the new atmosphere of Heimatt. Starting off with this emotional song about being stuck in emotions, being stuck beneath the surface, Magnus catches our interest in hearing more of these thoughts, learning more about the background and just digging deeper into this album.

The second track of the album, “Teenage Holiday Crush”, as well as the title track “The Greatest Story” show a bit more of the Heimatt we know, you can clearly hear the more indie and folkish background. Infused with the new pop-like sounds.

When listening to the whole album we find a strong companion in “The Greatest Story”. It is easy to listen to, it fits a quiet day at home, but also when you are on your way to somewhere else. It looks deep into the emotions of former relationships, big changes and expectations. But even if the lyrics offer a broad variety of emotions, which leaves a room for everyone to find themselves in it, the album is never boring, never regular.

With its mix of emotions, pop-tunes, indie-background and the balance of typical Scandinavian cosiness and deepness “The Greatest Story” album is perfect for everyone who is ready for a touching, but comfy piece of musical delight!

And hey, the album is not everything – those of you in Denmark and Germany are also lucky enough to be able to see Heimatt perform live soon. Check the tour dates below and listen to “The Greatest Story” on streaming services.

HEIMATT – The Greatest Winter Tour

16.11.2017 – Berlin (DE): Barkett
18.11.2o17 – Wuppertal (DE): Utopiastadt
19.11.2017 – Hamburg (DE): Nachtwache|
02.02.2018 – Aalborg (DK): 100 Fryd
03.02.2018 – Thisted (DK): Urt
09.02.2018 – Lynghy (DK): Templet
10.02.2018 – Aarhus (DK): Atlas
15.02.2018 – Veile (DK): Bygningen
16.02.2018 – Randers (DK): Von Hatten
17.02.2018 – Odense (DK): Studenterhus
22.02.2018 – Sonderborg (DK): Sonderborghus
23.02.2018 – Grenna (DK): Pavilloen
24.02.2018 – Copenhagen (DK): DR Koncerthuset, Studie 3


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