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Festival-Season is in full bloom. This means it is the time of the year, when you hear a lot of new music and you see a lot of musicians for the first time live on a festival stage. But it is also the time when one of our favorite festival acts, Magnus Grilstad and his band project Heimatt, delights us with a new single.

The new track “The Sound of Light” is a pop’ish piece that gives us a glimpse of the new direction Magnus has taken when working on his new album, that will be out on 22. September 2017.

Coming from a purely folk-indie background, now he delivers a perfect pop-tune song for a relaxed, enjoyable summer evening. Just lean back, listen to “The Sound of Light” and you will get an instantly smooth and mellow feeling. And after a few minutes of rest it might even happen, that your feet can’t sit still and you just want to go for a few summer rounds of dance.

Magnus told us about what made him write this song and what we can expect from his new album in a little interview. Read it below and listen to “The Sound of Light” on online streaming platforms.

Good because Danish: “The Sound of Light” has just been out a few weeks ago – and ever since it has received a lot of positive feedback. And hey, you even made it to a very big German radio station. This is not very common for Danish acts. From all this we see that the song is very special for the audience, but what makes the song special for you? 

Magnus Grilstad: I think what I like about the song is how the instrumentals sound very smooth in the verse and then it gets the indie-kicking edge in the chorus which blends quite nicely with the melody, I like the melancholy that the trumpet brings to the track, so it has that smooth summer-ish feeling while still being very danceable, – I’m so happy for all the airplay it’s getting in Germany at the moment, quite exciting!

Can you tell us a little more about what is your inspiration behind the song? 

Yes – the song is about choosing the fun stuff in life instead of the boring parts and prioritizing yourselves before others.

With “The Sound of Light” you also make a slight change of direction. Coming from a more folk and indie direction, this track has some strong pop-ish elements. Is this also a preview on what we can expect from the new album? 

Definitely! I think after 2 years with almost 100 shows in and outside of Denmark the folk part has taken its toll on me, I still love a lot of folk music but I think I’ve also matured musically and just expanded my taste generally – so the album will be more pop-ish, but the listener that loved the folk parts won’t be disappointed either (I hope!), meaning that we still have some acoustic guitar tracks on some of the songs – but we kinda cut out the “Heys” and the bluegrass “tramp on the floor” vibe and instead added synths and trumpets!

But, not only “The Sound of Light” has turned into a success. You also just signed a big record deal. How do you think this will affect you and your music? 

Well, we actually were signed to Playground on the previous LP and EP, they’re great people so it was an easy decision to continue working together with them.

Last, but not least – what are your plans for the next year? Will you be on the road again a lot or what are your plans?

TOURING! Together with the amazing people that I’m lucky to get to play with, we’re going to continue playing as much live as we possibly can, we’ve been training and preparing our show a bit this summer with a few selected festival-shows in Netherlands and Germany, before our official release that is being held at Jazzhouse on 20th September – after that we’re doing a tour in Germany / The Netherlands in November before going on a DK tour in February – hopefully, we’re going back to a lot of the amazing festivals we already played at, in summer 2018.


Curious? Then try and catch Heimatt on one of the upcoming gigs:

12.08.107 – Eiderstrand (DE): Rock an der Eider
20.09.2017 – Copenhagen (DK):  Jazzhouse – Album Release Party – Event on Facebook

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