Roskilde Festival 2017 - Anne Sofie

Anne Sofie at Roskilde Festival 2017

I was so lucky to represent Good Because Danish at this year’s Roskilde Festival – even though I couldn’t be there 100% since I was working in the week days of the festival (#reallifesucks).

Despite that, I got to experience a lot of both Danish and international acts and here are some of my highlights from this year: both the best, the worst and the stuff in between.

The Best

The women performing at this year’s Roskilde Festival were (as I had expected) AMAZING. The best festival experience was definitely the concert of Lorde (from New Zealand), closely followed by Tinashe and Solange (both from the US). When it comes to the male acts, my favorites were actually Danish! Phlake did an amazing job opening Orange Stage, Trentemøller had everyone zoned out by both presenting new sounds and old goodies and Kellermensch (+ all their hard core fans) blew the roof of Arena Stage with their dark, rock/metal tunes.

The Worst

Now here comes the sad part of my Roskilde story. I have to address the weather. It was pure shit. Literally. There was mud everywhere and luckily I didn’t have to sleep at the camping area, because it was just one big pile of mud, piss and vomit. But after a few mojitos and covering myself with 8 layers of clothes, topped off with both a rain coat and boots, it was a rather pleasant experience to make my way through the common Danish weather to observe and experience the lovely music.

I didn’t really experience bad music at this year’s festival. But if I had to call out one performance, it would have to be Justice. Don’t get me wrong, I love Justice, but I might just have been in a wrong place, at a wrong time: in the middle of the crowd at Orange Stage, not able to see a thing. The sound was way too low in my opinion, plus it was raining like hell. Moral of this story: I’ll just have to wear buffalo shoes or get a knee surgery for next time :)

mud Roskilde Festival 2017

The in-between

I was really impressed with the Danish band Marching Church (lead singer Elias Bender Rønnenfelt, whom you might know from the delicious band Iceage) which gave me a bit of a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds-feeling, which I really enjoyed in the midst of all the hype surrounding The Weeknd, Ice Cube and The Lumineers. Although I must admit: it was a great experience to see the sun break through the clouds at the Ice Cube concert, where every single festival participant put their hands together – not for Ice Cube, but for the sunlight :)

Another amazing concert was definitely Father John Misty who chose to hug a bodyguard and sing to him whilst performing at Orange Stage. I would also have to point out both The XX and Slowdive gave great performances, making you want to crawl out your skin of pure delight.

What I missed and how much I hate myself for it

I feel like such a dumb-ass for missing out the following, but I’ll have another shot at seeing these acts some other time (I hope)!
– Carl Emil Petersen
– Emil Stabil
– Foo Fighters
– Arcade Fire
– AV AV AV (why are you always performing SO LATE I mean give your girl here a break, I feel so old?!)
– Young M.A.
– Barcelona
– Franske Piger
– Noréll
– First Hate
– Bryson Tiller

Roskilde Festival – no matter what weather – Good because Danish loves you: we already marked edition 2018 in our calendars <3


30.06.-07.07.2018 – Roskilde (DK): festival area – Event on Facebook

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