Jeppe Kjellberg - One Day

Ok, we admit it, when we think of Jeppe Kjellberg, there is at first one unavoidable thought in our mind: WhoMadeWho. This means upbeat, indie-electronics and a never-ending party. But hey, we are sure, this will change now! How come?

This is what happened: Jeppe Kjellberg just came out with his first solo single “One Day” – and this means he came out with a fulminant debut as a solo artist, showing a totally different side of himself. While being known as extrovert, with “One Day” he is showing us his introvert and pensive side. The song catches you with a very strong rhythm, right from the beginning. The timelessly downcast beat and the very special atmosphere the track creates seem to go right under your skin and take you on a journey into yourself.

To underline the message of the song, that wants to make us reflect and also ask us to stop and have a hard look into the mirror, Jeppe’s vocals, as well as the instruments, are supported by subtle electronics – added by the well-known producers Tomas Barfod and Sekuoia. Being mixed and edited by Arni Bergman Johansson “One Day” is a perfect example to show that every artist has two sides – and even if you may know someone, you may still be surprised by getting to know a totally different artistic side of someone. And not always, but definitely in the case of Jeppe Kjellberg, you can be very happy to see the diverse selves of someone.

After hearing this excellent debut and seeing the accompanying video, directed by the Italian director Marco Cacioppo, which takes “the viewer on a disconcerting bad trip, where inner demons are unleashed and the paranoia of the afterparty unfolds”, as Jeppe explains it, we are more than curious to hear his upcoming solo album “Circles” which will be due on May 5th.

And so, when we think of Jeppe Kjellberg now, yes, we will still think about WhoMadeWho – BUT we will also think about Jeppe as a solo artist. And yes, after hearing his solo-debut, we are sure that all of you will remember this, just as much as Jeppe being the mustached singer and guitar-player of one of the most well-known Danish bands.

Curious to learn more about Jeppe’s other side? Then have a look at his new video and listen to “One Day” on YouTube.

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