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Hej and welcome to “From Denmark with R’n’B love”a series of posts focusing on Danish Hip Hop and R’n’B music. My name is Anne Sofie, I’m Danish and based in Copenhagen. I’ve had a passion for Hip Hop and R’n’B music since I can remember and now I have the honor of presenting Danish Hip Hop and R’n’B music to the Readers of Good Because Danish!

In this fist post in the “From Denmark with R’n’B love”-series I’ll start out nice and easy by giving you the opportunity to experience how Danish non-R’n’B or Hip Hop artists interpret R’n’B hits.

Making covers of other artist’s hits can always be risky since it can sound out of place and just be plain bad and/or boring (in my opinion). This is not the case with these Danish artists who first of all have chosen some of my favorite girl-power artists to cover (just to be clear: Beyoncé is my all time favorite, all hail Queen B) and second of all have done it pretty well with more low-key, slow, electronic and whiney-rock vibes.

CHINAH – “1 Thing” (cover)

ALEX VARGAS – “Baby Boy” (cover)

CHINAH is well known for those of you following Good because Danish. They recently won “P3 Talentprisen” – a prize given by Danmark’s Radio (Denmark’s national public service company), which is highly desirable amongst especially up-and-coming Danish artists. When you listen to Fine Glinevad’s voice, you really get drawn in it, which is also the case on the cover version of “1 Thing” originally sung by Amerie. The funky keyboard tunes in the cores especially suits the song well and makes it danceable (which obviously is a plus!). While the original version makes me want to get up and shake my behind with all my girlfriends, CHINAH’s cover is inviting you up for a slow(er) dance with your partner/lover. ALEX VARGAS is an artist that can recently be heard in every coffee place, clothes shop or radio station in Denmark. I’m actually not a huge fan of his music, which partially is because of all Denmark is playing his hits (especially “Schackled Up”) beyond recognition. I think it’s a big task for anyone to take on a Beyoncé song, which Alex Vargas has done in this case, but I actually think he does it pretty well. It’s definitely worth a listen if you are less of a Beyoncé fan than I am, and like an edgy, rock’n’rolly sound. And hey, despite the change of genre Alex Vargas’ version of “Baby Boy” (in this case “Baby Girl”) is still danceable!

You can check out more posts of Danish artists such as Phlake doing covers of both Danish and international artists on DR Output’s You Tube channel!

More about Danish R’n’B and hip hop music on Good because Danish soon!

Author: Anne Sofie Parker Hjort

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